Natural Resource Planning

Adopted July 18th, 2017

Adopted Plan

What is a Resource Management Plan?

A general plan is a legally-required document that guides current and long-term growth. The Utah State legislature recently updated the state code regarding general plans (HB 323 and HB 219) and now requires every county to address natural resources.

The Sanpete County Resource Management Plan (RMP) will communicate local knowledge, management objectives, and policies related to natural resources to other land management agencies.

Data has been gathered and experts are being consulted to provide the best available information for this initiative. Objectives and policies adopted by the County in this plan will be informed by your (the citizen’s) input contributed through surveys and public open houses.

We value your input

Take a look at the different resources that are in the general plan. Select a resource to view more details as well as take surveys to make your voice heard.